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W.D. Gann's Implicit Rules of Trend - Mechanical Trend System

It is my personal insights on how to decode the W.D. Gann's publication: "Form Reading and Rules for Determining Trend of Stocks"
(which is the Chapter II of "No. 3 Master Forecasting Method & Unpublished Stock Market Forecasting Courses"),
so that one could know how to apply W.D. Gann's trading method into today's market with great accuracy and success.

wd gann book wd gann book

This 80-page W.D. Gann Mechanical Trend System hardcover book:

1) explains how W.D. Gann defined a Change in Trend
2) teaches you how to discern the start of a trend, which is always associated with least risk to entry into the market
3) teaches you how to discern and avoid investing during those time when the market is approaching the end of its trend, which is always associated with larger risk to reward ratio
4) explains what W.D. Gann meant by "sections"
5) explains how W.D. Gann told the definite confirmation of change of trend
6) explains what W.D. Gann meant by "price ahead time"
7) explains what W.D. Gann referred to on the market actions along with its 45 degree angle
8) explains how the above W.D. Gann terms are related to one another
9) explains what W.D. Gann referred as safe selling points
10) explains what is the W.D Gann's Implicit Rules which works on All Major Market Movements
11) along with the complete set of powerpoint slides on Khit Wong's 2016 W.D. Gann's Form Reading Seminar - Change of Trend

in a) today's language and with b) examples in today's market
p.s. despite most of the examples covered in the book are of Gold and FX Markets, the same concept and rules does apply to all other commodities & stocks like HSBC, AAPL, GS, SPY, DIA, GOOG, AMZN, TSLA...etc

However, this booklet is not only targeted for the beginners, but it is also a guidebook for
experienced W.D. Gann students on how to study W.D. Gann properly; and this guidebook will force
you to re-think what W.D. Gann is really about and you should have some new inspirations because
of this booklet. I discovered this tool after 6 years of study. So, this is something real and
original from me. You will not see it elsewhere, and this will not be those W.D. Gann books which
you bought and will flow it away after reading. This guidebook gives you a correct starting point
to study or re-study W.D. Gann, a path guided from an insider.

I have further elaborate how the explained W.D. Gann trading method has helped me to pocket 2,000+
pips in euro during 2002-2006, and 500+ CAC index points, and that I still use this piece of trading technique as of today.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: T & AT Basics
Chapter 3: Sell at Safe, Safer & Safest Selling Points
Chapter 4: More examples on T & AT Movements of the Markets
Chapter 5: Exact Calculations for the Entry & Exit points of the Example raised in Chapter 1
Chapter 6: Application on the T & AT concept – the Right Way to use Technical Indicators
Chapter 7: News-Trading, Wave Boarding and its Application of the T & AT Technique
Chapter 8: Why for-sure-knowing the Upcoming Trend is so Important?
Chapter 9: Position Trading & Start/ End of a Trend
Chapter 10: Correct Way of Reading the Market
Chapter 11: Khit Wong's Trading Theory
Chapter 12: Powerpoint slides on Khit Wong's 2016 W.D. Gann's Form Reading Seminar - Change of Trend

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Learn how to read the Market Rhythm, and start to Taste of being a Consistent Winner in the market!

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The Ticker and Investment Digest

wd gann, gann trading, gann academy ,gann square, gann wheel, gann chart, stock commodity trading, ¦¿®¦²z½×, W. D. Gann, WD Gann, W.D. Gann, Square, Free Lesson, Course, Ebook, guide book, 50%, law of vibration, price, astrology, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, sun, uranus, neptune, pluto, fibonacci, 1.618, 1.272, 0.618, time, price, running out, Ticker and Investment Digest, cycle, bible, tunnel thri the air, master stock commodity course wd gann a student of numbers, number theory, and the progression of numbers. wd gann often said his analysis gann theory was based on natural law and mathematics. Learn wd Since time progresses as the earth turns on its axis, and time is measured by numbers and progressions of numbers, and since prices in their movement upward and downward are measured in numbers, we can understand why Gann had an intense interest in numbers, number theory, and mathematics. And remember¡K.he did not have a personal computer, or even a handheld or desktop calculator-just a pencil. Gann said his trading method was based on natural and mathematical law. For years he refused to reveal based on natural law, but the theory behind it was based on mathematics. Since price and time are denoted in mathematical terms (numbers), his system involved numbers and number progressions. He simply said he had researched far back into history and even went to India for old pre-Hindu records and philosophies as well as the ancient archives of the pre-Hindu period. As we study wd Gann¡¦s works, we begin to see the some numbers took a dominant place in his trading method. The square of numbers was an important issue with him, namely: 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 121, and 144. He thought that markets moved in patterns sensitive to the price movement of these squares in terms of both price and time. For example, a rally in a specific market may have a tendency to find resistance 64 cents or 64 days from a bottom. Similarly, a decline in a market may find support 144 dollars or weeks from a top. This technique was combined with others that he developed, and it became a major part of his analysis tools. Key Numbers wd Gann SQUARE of nine methods , wd Gann TRADING found several numbers base the basis for his trading, properly technical wd gann trading system. Gann researched numbers and cycles in many unique ways. research focus specific meaning of a number and how it relates to market movement. His research included the study of early Egyptian writings as well as cycle information. He also did extensive research of the cycles highlighted in the Bible. Records indicate that the early Egyptians considered the number seven to be the symbol of both earthly and eternal life. It is thought of as a number symbolizing a complete cycle, for seven is denoted as the number of time and rhythm. This information was used by Gann to develop a seven-day-cycle theory for short-term market moves. Gann deemed three and one-half important, as it is half of seven, and in the Bible it occurs several times- for example, in the Book of Revelation, where the woman was sent into the wilderness for three and one-half years; during Daniel¡¦s vision of 42 months (3 1/2 years); when the Christ child was hiding in Egypt for three and one-half years; and during Christ¡¦s public ministry, which lasted exactly three and on-half years. Gann used this information to study and research the 3 1/2-day, -week, - month, and ¡Vyear cycle, and applied the knowledge he gained to trade the market Gann number nine important, occurs nine beatitudes recorded in Matthew¡¦s Gospel, nine corresponds with the number of stages of a disciple¡¦s advance to a higher life. The number 12 was important to twelve tribes of Israel, the 12 disciples, and the 12 houses of the Zodiac. Other important Gann numbers are derived as follows: One year is 365 days, sun to enter a hemisphere, move to the opposite hemisphere, and then return to the starting point. The movement of the sun produces definite seasons, affects crops and weather, and therefore has a dominant effect on our lives. For this reason the 30-day or sun cycle has dominance. Besides what has already been said about the number seven, it is important because of its link to the lunar cycle. number 144 was also important to Gann, whether because of there being 1440 minutes in a day (the decimal point is disregarded), it is 40% of a circle (360¢X x 0.40) = 144¢X), or because it is the square of 12. Numbers that occur repeatedly in the different sciences-such as mathematics, geometry, physics-cycles, and other natural studies were very important to Gann. studying mathematics and researching number patterns, wd Gann had to find a practical use for his newly acquired knowledge. Armed with this information Gann turned to the stock and commodity markets. After applying his strong background in mathematics to these markets, he concluded that markets adhere to mathematical law. From this conclusion he was able to develop his trading theory. This theory basically stated that market movement is governed by the forces of pattern, price and time. PATTERN trend changes. For example, a trend changes to up when the and it changes to down when the market crosses swing bottoms. The trader can also gain information from swing charts about the size and duration of market movements. This how W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY, which is duration, are linked to a pattern. In addition, the trader can learn about specific characteristics of a market by analyzing the patterns formed by the swing charts. For example, the charts delineate a market¡¦s tendency to form double tops and bottoms, signal tops and bottoms, and the tendency to balance previous moves. In wd Gann Theory, price analysis swing-chart targets, angles, and percentage retracement points. Swing-chart Price Targets After constructing a swing chart, the trader creates important price information that can be used to forecast future tops and bottoms. These prices can be referred to as price balance points. For example, if the swing chart shows the market has had a recent tendency to rally 7 ¡V 10 cents before forming a top, then from the next bottom, the forecast will be for a subsequent 7 ¡V 10 cent rally. Conversely, if the market has shown a tendency to break 10 ¡V 12 points from a top, then following the next top, the trader can forecast a break of 10 ¡V 12 points. If the swings equal previous swings, then the market is balanced. Angles Geometric angles are another important part of the Gann trading method. The WHEEL CHART geometric , geometric laws when chart. Gann CHART insisted on the use of the proper scale for each market when charting to maintain a harmonic relationship. He therefore chose a scale that was in agreement with a geometric design or formula. He mainly relied on a 45-degree angle W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY. This angle is usually referred to as the ¡§1X1¡¨ angle, because it represents one unit of price with one unit of time. He also used other proportional geometric angles to divide price and time. These angles are known as 1X2 and 2X1 angles because they represent one unit of price with two units of time and two units of price with one unit of time, respectively. All of the angles are important because they indicate support and resistance. They also have predictive value for future direction and price activity. All of which is necessary to know in order to forecast where the market can be in the future and when it is likely to be there. Percentage Retracement Points as wd Gann angles , percentage retracement points provide support and resistance that remain fixed as long as a market remains in a price range. Gann is commonly acknowledged to have formulated the percentage retracement rule, which states that most price moves will correct to 50%. Other percentage divisions are 25% and 75%, with the 50% level occurring the most frequently. wd Gann believed traders would become successful if they used W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY balance points, angles, and percentage retracement points to find support and resistance. In essence, however, the combination of the two indicators provides the trader with the best support and resistance with which to work. For example, while the uptrending 1X1 angle from a major bottom and a 50% price level provide strong support individually, the point where these two cross provides the trader with the strongest support on the chart. According to wd Gann, time had the strongest influence on the wd because when time is up, the trend changes. Gann SQUARE OF NINE used swing charts, anniversary dates, cycles, and the square of price to measure time. Swing-Chart Timing A properly constructed swing chart is expected to yield valuable information about the duration of price swings. This information is used to project both the duration of future upmoves from a current bottom and the duration of future downmoves from current tops. The basic premise behind swing-chart timing is that wd patterns repeat: this is why it is necessary to keep records of past rallies and breaks. As a swing bottom or top is being formed, the trader must utilize the information from previous swings to project the minimum and maximum duration of the currently developing swing. The basic premise is that price swings balance time with previous price swings. However, in strong upmoves the duration of a rally is greater than the duration of a break, and subsequent upswings are equal to or greater than previous upmoves. Conversely, in strong downmoves the duration of a break is greater than the duration of a rally, and subsequent downswings are equal to or greater than previous downmoves. Anniversary Dates timing tools WD Gann used is a concept he referred to as ¡§anniversary dates.¡¨ This term refers to the historical dates the wd made major tops and bottoms. The information collected in effect reflects the seasonality of the wd because often an anniversary date repeats in the future. A cluster of anniversary dates indicates the strong tendency of a wd to post a major top and bottom each year at the same time. For example, in order to predict future tops and bottoms in wheat, Gann claimed to have studied prices back to the twelfth century, noting not only the prices, but the anniversary dates ¡V top to top, top to bottom, bottom to bottom, and bottom to top ¡V were fundamental factors in this thinking. This information he learned from the research was very important to his analysis, and these dates gave obvious clues to another of his approaches to the market: time cycles. Cycles As mentioned earlier, wd Gann tried to build analysis tools that were geometric in design. When looking at anniversary dates he saw a series of one-year cycles. In geometric terms, the one-year cycle represented a circle or 360 degrees. Building on the geometric relationship of the market, Gann also considered the quarterly divisions of the year to be important timing periods. These quarterly divisions are the 90-day cycle, the 180-day cycle, and the 270-day cycle. In using the one-year cycle and the divisions of this cycle, you will find a date where a number of these cycles line up (preferably three or more) on a single point in time in the future. A date where a number of cycles line up is called a time cluster. This time cluster is used to predict major tops and bottoms. Time cycles are a major part of Gann analysis, and should be combined with price indicators to develop a valid market forecast. Master Egg Course are from the W.D. Gann Commodities Course, [2] As reprinted in the W. D. Gann SQUARE Technical [3] From a missive on Gann BOOK letterhead with the title, ¡§Soy Beans: Price Resistance Levels,¡¨ which originally came with the W. D. Gann Commodities Course, but which was left out of later reprints of the course. William Gann (or as he preferred W.D. Gann SQUARE ) was a pioneer in the area of time and price analysis of market activity. Born in Lufkin Texas in 1878, Gann's basic premise was the future is just a repetition of the past and that time governed all market movements. WILLIAM Gann traded with and taught time and price analysis methods that could predict market highs and lows. Gann reputedly had the knowledge to forecast the price and time of the yearly high and low for commodities and stocks. Each year Gann published a forecast for the following year. In 1928 he published a forecast of the date of the September 1929 US Stock wd High and that a Black Friday would occur A FULL YEAR IN ADVANCE. W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY The Truth of the Stock Tape How to Make Profits from Puts and Calls Tunnel through the Air Magic Word How to Make Profits in Commodities wd gann square of nine wd software wd wiki wd gann theory gann wheel gann angles wd GANN trading GANN CHART W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY wd Gann had an arsenal of price tools he taught students and it was reputed he charged $5000 for a weekend course in the early 1950¡¦s, before his death in 1955. This article will cover many of Gann¡¦s important W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY Other tools such as The Square of Nine, Square of 144, Square of 90, Hexagon Chart and Gann¡¦s various Master Calculators will be covered in future articles wd Gann's books are required reading for any trader or analyst who wishes to understand the basic ways to view any market. The knowledge outlined in his works can easily be overlooked due to the abundance of information he presented. Just the same the pattern of information remains identical throughout all of his published work. Gann always said "History Repeats" and repetition was his way for students to get the message. wd Gann¡¦s work included Money Management Rules and Trading Psychology concepts expounded by many of today's top traders. He believed that you did not have to be in the market all the time to make money. Here are some quotes from W.D. Gann taken from his last book, How to Make Profits in Commodities. Page 11. Published by Lambert-Gann. before you take a position for a long pull trade. Always figure that YOU CAN BE WRONG and that the market could reverse. Therefore, follow your profits up with a STOP LOSS ORDER, or get out when you get a definite indication that the market has reached a turning point and that the trend is changing." look at some charts. Please examine each chart closely as there are some important points on them. W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY W. D. Gann¡¦s outstanding skill was his ability to produce accurate annual forecasts of the stock and commodity markets. W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY. However, careful analysis of his novel entitled ¡§The Tunnel Thru The Air¡¨ reveals Gann¡¦s belief in the overwhelming importance of astrology. Therefore astrology is the real basis of Gann¡¦s annual forecasts. Indeed, astrological analysis is implicit at key points in his books and courses. Consequently it is concluded that if we wish to emulate Gann¡¦s outstanding forecasting skills we must follow in his footsteps by firstly learning astrology and then apply this knowledge to the stock and commodity markets. ¦¿®¦³Ì¬ð¥Xªº¦¨?´N¬O¥L¦³¯à¤O¦b¨C¦~ªº´Á¥Z¤W¥¿Ú̪º??ªÑ²¼©M´Á?¡C¦¿®¦ªº©w´Á??¬O«Ø¥ß¦b¥L¦Û¤vªº¯«¯µªº¡§??¦]¯À¡¨¤Wªº¡C¦ý¬O¡A?¤ßªº¬ã¨sªÌ¦b¥Lªº¦W?¡§ªÅ¤¤ÀG¹D¡¨ªº¤p?¤¤???¡A¤p?®i¥Ü¤F¦¿®¦?¥e¬P?­«­n©Êªº²`¨è«H¥õ¡C¦]¦¹¥e¬P?´N¬O¦¿®¦©w´Á©Ê??ªº¯u?°ò?¡C?µM¡A¥e¬P¤ÀªR¦b¥Lªº?Äy©M?µ{¤¤¥u¬O¤@Ïú·t¥Ü©Êªº???¡C¦]¦¹¥i¥H?¨¥¡A°²¦p§A§Æ±æ¥é®Ä¦¿®¦ªº¬ð¥Xªº??¤ô¥­¡A´N¥²?¸ò?¥Lªº?¨B­º¥ý¥h??¥e¬P?µM¦Z??Ïúª¾??¥Î¤_ªÑ²¼©M´Á?¥«?¡C ??¦]¯À¬O¦¿®¦??ªº®Ö¤ß wd Gann SQUARE forecasts of the stock and commodity markets W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY ¨ ¡CGann provided the following comments on the time factor: ¦¿®¦?¤_ªÑ²¼©M´Á?¥«?ªº??¬O°ò¤_??¦]¯À¡A¦¿®¦ ¦]¯À ¡§The most important thing of all is the Time factor, which I use in making up my annual forecasts. It is not my object here to give away that secret, but I am showing you plain enough and giving you rules enough that, if you follow them, you will be able to make a success in the stock market¡¨ (¡§Truth Of The Stock Tape¡¨, 1923, page 116). ¦b©Ò¦³¨Æª«¤¤³Ì­«­nªº¬O??¦]¯À¡A§Ú¥Î¥¦?«Ø¥ß§Ú¨C¦~ªº??¡C?¨½§Ú?¦³???®i¥Ü©Ò¦³ªº¯µ±K¡C¦ý¬O§Ú??§A¨¬?ªº?©ú©M¨¬?ªºªk?¤èªk¡A°²¦p§A¸ò??¨Ç¤èªk¡A§A?¯à?¦bªÑ²¼¥«?¨ú±o¦¨¥\ GANN charts that enables me to determine important tops and bottoms one year or more in advance. My annual forecasts on stocks, issued in December for ten years past, have proved remarkably correct. The cotton and grain markets can also be forecast by this ¡¥time¡¦ factor, which enables me to tell when extreme highs and lows will be made, as well as the minor moves¡¨ (¡§Truth Of The Stock Tape¡¨, 1923, page 41 of appendix). «Ü¦h¤H³£·Qª¾¹D§Ú¥Î¤°¤\?ªº¤èªk?ÚÌ©w¥¼?¥«?ªº¨«¦V¡C§Ú¨Ï¥Î¦hÏú?¦æªºªÑ²¼?ªí¦}¤]®ÚÕu¥¦??¦æ??¥æ©ö¡C§Úªº?ªí©M¤@¯ëªº??©Ê?ªí¤£¦P¡A¥¦¨Ï¥Î¤F§Ú¦Û¤v??ªº¤@¨Ç?¦è§@?°ò?¡C§Ú??¤F¤@Ïú??¦]¯À¥H¨Ï§Ú¯à?ÚÌ©w¤@¦~?¬Æ¦Ü§ó???ªº­«­n?³¡©M©³³¡¡C§Ú¨C¦~¤@´Áªº¥Xª©ª«¦b12¤ë¥÷¤w??10¦~¤F¡A?µM?©ú¬O¦¨¥\ªº¡C´Öªá©M¨¦ª«¥«?¤]¦P?¥i¥H¥Î?Ïú??¦]¯À??¦æ??¡A?Ïú??¦]¯À¯à?§i?§Ú³Ì?ªº°ª?©M§C?¦b¨º¨½¡A?¦¸?ªi?¤]¦P?¦³®Ä¡C ¦¿®¦ ¦¿®¦ ¦¿®¦ ¦¿®¦ ¦¿®¦ ¦¿®¦ in determining a change in trend because W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY, W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY (¡§45 Years In Wall Street¡¨, 1941, page 10). W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY Therefore we learn from wd Gann that: the most forecasting markets; and therefore he used this time factor in producing his highly-accurate annual forecasts of the stock and commodity markets. in the stock and commodity markets. is a VEILED secret, CLOTHED details of which he is unwilling to reveal. GANN trading rules which, when properly applied, produce profits in the stock and commodity markets. ¦¿®¦²z½× ¦¿®¦²z½× ¦¿®¦²z½× ¦¿®¦²z½× ¦¿®¦²z½× ¦¿®¦²z½× GANN¡¦S NOVEL ENTITLED ¡§THE TUNNEL THRU THE AIR¡¨ ¦¿®¦©Ò¡§ªÅ¤¤ÀG¹D¡¨ Gann WHEEL to explicitly reveal his time factor in his books and courses on trading the stock and commodity markets, he was prepared to leave strong clues in his novel entitled ¡§The Tunnel Thru The Air¡¨, which he wrote in 1927. ¡§ªÅ¤¤ÀG¹D¡¨ W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY ¡§He read all the gann books he could get on astrology and began to understand why things had happened as they had¡¨ (page 215). ¥e¬P ­«Î` gann chart W.D. GANN TRADING - GANN SQUARE - GANN WHEEL - GANN CHART - GANN ASTROLOGY - TO BE SOLVED, STARTING HERE...THE GANN BOOK!